Thursday, January 06, 2005

Craig Parry: Musey's Hot Shot of the Day

Vijay Singh, Player of the Year in 2004, opened with a 7-under par to lead the pack of thirty-one PGA Tour Champions of 2004.

Craig Parry came in one stoke behind for a 6-under on his scorecard, after being on the top of the leaderboard most of the round.

His one bogey came on the tenth hardest hole, the 12th, where his second shot landed in the primary rough according to TourCast.

Excuse me? Primary rough. Alrighty then... On live ESPN it looked like a cornfield full of rogues that needed hoeing.

Parry stood in the bunker his feet placed unevenly on the Hawaiian sand. His ball nestled on the edge of the bunker, almost even with his shoulder,in this sugarcane-looking knee high grass. With an almost baseball like swing he whacked that dimpled orb right out of that thick bladed rough.

I wanted to close my eyes. I was sure that the ball was going to land right in the middle of that messsy rough.

Heck he could barely see over the variety of grasses to see where it came to rest seventy-three yards on the left fairway. And he didn't even lose his footing!

While I almost tripped over the footstool so I could see where it landed. Sometimes I think my chair needs a seatbelt.

That is Musey's Hot Shot of the Day.

Best Dressed goes to Sergio Garcia... yummy sherbert orange shirt and matching cap. Hot, very Hot!!!

*I had technical difficulties that no amount of sweet talking corrected last night so I finagled the time of posting to keep my posts in timely order. So you are not losing your mind if you were here earlier and I hadn't posted yet. :) Musey*

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