Monday, July 18, 2005

Did Y'all have a good weekend?

I did. What a weekend for PGA Tour Golf. Hours and Hours of GOLF, men, and updates on Wie. I was almost in a golf coma.

Of course the borrowed computer wouldn't cooperate, so couldn't post. But as long as it wasn't raining I could see all of The British Open , B.C. Open, and more. I love this time of year.

To many Best Dressed and To Many Shots of the Day(s) to pick.

I cried when Jack Nicklaus finished. Oh, heck I cried before he finished. I am not old enough to have watched him in his "hey-day" but thanks to TGC I am able to see all the greats.

That's it for now before I get booted offline. Looks like we are going to get another bit of rain, thunder, and lightening. It can be frightening. I sure don't want to get zapped.

I will respond to the Wie comment from my last post when I get a chance. Y'all know I definitely have something to say about his comment. Until then those that want to check out Michelle Wie's accomplishments can do so.

Play Through.

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Friday, July 08, 2005

Will Wie or Won't Wie

I hope Wie will.

With a 1 under first round she is in position to make the cut, barring any meltdowns.

As for her playing partners Nick has already melted. Scott is even par, rebounding from an early double bogey on the 3rd hole.

The men of my fantasy grouping: Todd Hamilton and Stewart Cink both with a 3 under, Brent Geiberger with a 2 under.

Best Dressed goes to: Michelle, looking very calm, cool, collected, in white belted, khaki pants, yellow, collared golf shirt, white shoes, and a yellow cap. Plus what may become a signature earring for her, lovely, chic chandelairs.

And guys admit it her white glove sticking out of her back pocket caused a second look.... then you remembered she is 15 and can beat you anyday of the week.

Musey's Shot of The Day: Michelle's birdie on the 9th hole. Longest par 4 on this course.

If I had time I would see how many birdies were made on 9th... maybe later today, for now I have to get dressed.

Yes, for those who have asked, the nekkid blogger button is there cause I usually do.

Occasionally in bra and panties.

Have a great friday!!

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Here Wie Go

First and Second round tee times are up for the John Deere Classic

Last tourney to quaify for The British Open if not already in the field.

Tee #1 on Thursday
8:48 am Nick Watney, Scott Gutschewski, Michelle Wie

Tee #10 on Friday
1:48 pm

So will she or won't she?
Leave your answer in comments and if she will, what will she shoot?

Oh and just for fun will the two men in the threesome made the cut?

My Fantasy Threesome for the first 2 days:

Teeing off on Thursday on the #10 at 7:36 am
Brent Geiberger, Stewart Cink, and Todd Hamilton, all three, tall and good looking.

On another note while I was offline one thing of interest probably to no one but me popped up.

You know how some bloggers get all excited about where their blogs rank in google, msn, and all those other search engine crawling webbots or whatever they are called

So here is Musey's Hole in One's claim to fame


"21 orgasms a month"

who searches for that exact number?

I know it was in this post, but it just seems odd they would search for 21.

Why not be hopeful and go for 42, or 63, or some other number... like par

Oh yeah... 70, 71, 72 orgasms in a month. Wishful thinking. No one would be searching for that many orgasms in a month.

Oh well, Musey's Hole in One will be 1 of 1 in giving you 21 orgasms a month. Yahoo says so.

You'll just have to be happy with that.

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Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th of July

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Stop that

whoever keeps poking me with a fork...

I am NOT DONE yet !!!!

between family illness, real life, and then my darn computer died. So I am using a borrowed one until I can save enough to buy a fancy, smancy, laptop.

So I have not been online to check email or much of anything else.

I thought I would be posting again this last week... instead of posting I starting checking on you all.

Good Grief, what in the world was all that about with Jay?

From what I was able to read before I was bumped off line (yes, I had to use dial-up, cause borrowed computer doesn't have enough thingies to use DSL) it looked to me like those other "taking up space on the web people" (calling them that cause they sure didn't look like bloggers or sports/golf writers to me) were GREEN, maybe because they didn't get press creds for the Open????

Anyway, I hope to be posting regularly before the British Open... keep your fingers crossed for this old computer. Okay?

Thanks to those that have emailed and commented in my absence.

For those that are asking for linking on my blog, my webbie friend will get to all of that as soon as she can. Since I wasn't posting, my blog wasn't on her list of top priorties.

She will be putting all sorts of goodies on here over the next few days or weeks. She is setting me up with Ads and other links for you to click.

Maybe I will be able to get my laptop a little faster that way.

I have certainly missed all of you!!!!

Now back to posting about those awesome men of the PGA TOUR

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

I really don't IE

as in Internet Explorer for a browser... this site looks all wonky. The right side is waaaayyyy down at the bottom.

Please use Firefox. Site looks so great using Firefox.

Can any of you wonderful tech guys figure out what is wrong with the template code?

Pretty please? so I can get back to writing about golf instead of bugging my friend about it. She has no clue either as she didn't touch the whatevers that control this white box thing.

Sigh. I really want this fixed.

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Thursday, April 07, 2005


This is about the only time of year I am truly submissive...any other time I am probably pretending to use the word "Master". Even when on my knees you better believe I am in control of everything in my hands or in my ..... oh wait this is a golfblog. Oops.

Date Coverage Network
Thursday, April 7
4:00 - 7:00 p.m. Live coverage USA Network
8:00 - 11:00 p.m. Replay of the first day telecast USA Network
11:30 - 11:45 p.m. Highlights Show CBS-TV
Friday, April 8
4:00 - 7:00 p.m. Live coverage USA Network
8:00 - 11:00 p.m. Replay of the first day telecast USA Network
11:30 - 11:45 p.m. Highlights Show CBS-TV
Saturday, April 9
3:30 - 7:00 p.m. Live Coverage CBS-TV
Sunday, April 10
2:30 - 7:00 p.m. Live Coverage CBS-TV

Remember all TV Times listed are Eastern Standard Time.

Note: Thanks for all the emails and site links. I will answer emails and add sites to my blogroll with in the next couple of days.

Rain delay have you twindling your thumbs, drumming your desk with pencils, pacing ....???

Go play Masters trivia.

Post your score in comments and the winner gets a "Musey Kiss". You show me yours. I'll show you mine.

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Bunnies, Anyone?


Did you miss me?

Rumor mill had me in Cabo with the MIA Tour Reporter, playing Nanny over at Rob's or Jeff's, raking the Sand Trap after baking Eric a birthday cake, tickling Grouchy Golfer, inspiring Fore Right to go left, throwing snowballs at Robert and MJ, snowboarding with Sarah, hanging out at Mediaguru's Web Country Club, sipping a tall one in the Bogey Lounge, lighting a candle for The Golf Blogger's 1st Blogging birthday, waving bon voyage to John S., throwing a Ball, Sticks, & Stuff, and helping Jay Flemma pack and move up.

Alas none of those things happened.

A minor family emergency had me out of pocket for the last month. All is well for now.

The worse part of being away was no computer access. Thank goodness for cable or I would have been having major PGA TOUR WATCHING withdrawals. As it was I caught most of the action.

Lots of great shots and best dressed. Although I can't figure out why Rory can't wear camo pants on Thursday if Darren can wear lime/green colored, plaid trousers. Rory is bringing attention to a cause dear to him while Darren is reliving his youth or snagging his long pants from a retirement home. Odd it is.

Anyway it's good to be back. I have lots of catching up to do at home and work so posts may be a little spotty until The Master's Week. Also I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on, y'all have been busy.

Enjoy the rest of the Player's Championship no matter how many days it takes.

Oh and one more thing... The bunnies are not mine.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Just Don't Tattoo Your Forehead

BrianPayne Golfer For Sale on Ebay. Okay not really for sale. But his bag and shirt logos are available to the highest bidder. Plus Brian Payne has a great payback to a couple of charities. $10,000 dollar minimum bid. Lots of publicity as well. Check out Tour Central on TGC Tuesday.

So Brian... how much would you pay for a Musey's Kiss on your boxers?

Just your boxers. With you not in them. Wait this is sounding worse. Mail me your boxers. You stay where you are.

Or how about the front of your shirt? Say on the collar. A Muse could be a big asset to inspire you to get your Tour Card.

On another note... Thanks to all who have linked this site on their blogs' sidebar or added to blogroll. Hopefully I have added everybody to my blogroll. If I missed your site let me know please. Blowing you all kisses!!

extra smooches for those that link this site in your posts.

I will be upgrading to Blogrolling Gold so I will be rearranging blogroll links soon. I tried to upgrade tonight. Either it didn't work or I just charged about 10 years worth of Blogrolling Gold to my credit card.

Still alot to do here... answer mail, answer comments... but for now I need sleep.

Nitey Nite.


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Monday, February 21, 2005

Next Stop

flooded La Costa fairways, new water hazards, and underwater greens for the Accenture Match Play Championship held at La Costa Resort and Spa

Or sunny Tucson for the Chrysler Classic of Tucson at the Omni Tucson National Golf Resort & Spa

Rain? Wet? Mud? Spa? or Sun? Spa? Warm? Dry?

Tough choice.

Good thing there is great TV coverage this week. Starting on Wednesday for Match Play with preview on Tuesday.

Match Play Championship
We 2-6:00 p.m. ET ESPN
Th 2-6:00 p.m. ET ESPN
Fr 2-6:00 p.m. ET ESPN
Sa 10:30-2:30 p.m. ESPN
Sa 3:00-7:00 p.m. ET ABC
Su 10-1:30 p.m. ET ESPN2
Su 2:00-6:00 p.m. ET ABC

Tape delay for Tucson on Thursday & Friday, but hey it's in primetime, sorta.

Chrysler Classic of Tucson
Th 6:00-8:00 p.m. ET USA
Fr 6:00-8:00 p.m. ET USA
Sa 11pm-1:00 a.m. ET USA
Su 11pm-1:00 a.m. ET USA

Oh Good Grief I just clicked on the Weather Forecast for Tucson.

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Adam Scott Wins

Adam Scott wins in sudden death, in a "only one hole playable" duel, over Chad Campbell at the soggy, rainy, windy, hailed on, and washed out Nissan Open.

Yea, Whatever...

Thanks for coming out. Thanks for playing. No trip to 2006 Mercedes for you unless you win again at another tourney in 2005.

The money's good though. Congrats, Adam.

Musey's Shot of the Day: Adam's putt.

Best Dressed: the guys in the yellow slickers. Y'all did a great job trying to keep up with all that water and that was just on the 18th fairway.

Bogeys to those on the AOL PGA TOUR TALK Message Board for the whiney posts blasting the tour officials for not having a full field, full round of golf today. Let me spell it out again... click the links, look at the pictures... think real hard about how in the sam hell anyone could play that course today. Oh and please take pictures and send them to me the next time you play a round at you local course in those conditions. Oh wait, your course would be closed wouldn't it.

Ok... taking deep breath.

Play Through.

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Round Three ???

Leaderboard with potential tee times for last groups of Round Three.
However, play is suspended by a Weather Delay... Again

T1 Chad Campbell ........4:45PT..... -9 68 65 - - 133
T1 Adam Scott ............4:45PT..... -9 67 66 - - 133
T3 Darren Clarke ..........4:45PT..... -8 66 68 - - 134
T3 Brian Davis .............4:35PT..... -8 65 69 - - 134
T5 Colin Montgomerie.....4:35PT..... -7 71 64 - - 135
T5 J.L. Lewis ..............4:35PT..... -7 70 65 - - 135
T7 Robert Allenby .........4:25PT..... -6 69 67 - - 136
T7 Aaron Baddeley.........4:25PT..... -6 69 67 - - 136
T7 Billy Mayfair ............4:25PT..... -6 70 66 - - 136
T7 Bob Tway ...............4:15PT..... -6 68 68 - - 136
T7 Kevin Sutherland .......4:15PT..... -6 67 69 - - 136
T7 Fred Funk................4:15PT..... -6 69 67 - - 136

T13 Tiger Woods..........3:55PT..... -5 67 70- - 137

We did see Hitch, yesterday. It's a great movie. A definite date movie. Guys, you're gonna score. However be sure you want to. Your girl is going to hear bells if you take her to see "Hitch". You always run that risk seeing a movie that the audience applauds at the end of it. A real good, feel good movie.

UPDATE: It's Official Round Three to resume at 10:30 am PST Monday... weather permitting of course. So forget those tee times posted those were for Sunday and I am off to dinner now.

TV Coverage: Nissan Open...Mon ESPN2 11:35 a.m.-1:30 p.m. ET

Update: Tee Times 7:30 am PST

TV Coverage: Nissan Open...Mon ESPN2 12:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m. ET

Okay I give up on updates...

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It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Not very many men are snoring... Nope, they are waiting out a Weather Delay...

Current tee time at this very moment is 9:30 PST...


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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Weather Wins

Round two of the Nissan Open will start bright and early Sunday morning at 7:30 am PST... weather permitting. Third round directly after.

The sit and stitch girls survived my attempt at learning to knit. I managed not to stab anyone although one needle flew out of my hand to land about 3 feet away. Those knitting needles are wicked I tell ya. I'm not sure if knitting is for me, but I do enjoy learning new things. Perhaps if we consumed mimosas or bellinis...

A very Happy Birthday to Sarah, a reader and regular commenter... and one who just may be as hooked on the swingers, especially the young guns, as she is with her bike boys.

Curtis Strange played golf today on the Champions Tour finished today with a 1 under for a tourney total of 1 over. He moved from T56 to T32, not bad at all.

So no golf. It's off to lunch and a movie or two. Hitch would be the first choice.

If you are stuck indoors with your significant other due to inclement weather preventing you from playing a round you might want to try a game that will still let you yell FORE.

Play Through.


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Come again some other day... the Rain, not y'all

Still raining and forecast calls for more. About 2 inches in 24 hours.
Tee times pushed back to 9:30 PST. Then back again to 11:30 PST. Am that is.

Odds and Ends to enjoy with morning coffee, tea, or ....

Men in black Come on Nike give me some color. Although they both look pretty darn good in black.

Last week Peter Jacobsen withdrew from the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am with an injury to his right knee. One which had bothered him for some time, so off to Vail, Co. for surgery on February 14th. Now at home, in Florida, Peter will hobbling around on crutches for about a week with no tour action for four to six weeks. Hopefully he will tee up at the PGA TOUR's Players Championship, March 21 ­27.

New Long Drive Record of 720 yards was set in London by Paul Slater, using SMT Golf's O2 driver. Yes, I said 720 yards. That's like over 7 football fields, right? I can't comprend that kind of distance. WOW!!!. Former record was held by Stuart Appleby with a 696 yard bomber. Bianca Finn, a 14 yr old girl, hit a 510 yard drive. Now that's what I call firing.

Quoting a Paul Slater interview..."I knew it was right as soon as I hit it. You know when you've hit a good get the surge going right up through your body. That's what we do it for really."

"I took some loft off the club I was using after the first couple, as the ball was losing energy on the runway as it was dropping from a height," Slater was later quoted as saying. "This club has a 2.5 degree loft and the stiffest shaft I've ever used.”

Alrighty then... y'all need stiffer shafts for those long drives.

Well, I have more odds and ends but they along with Thursday's post and comment replies will have to wait a bit. I have to jump in some clothes and head to a Sit and Bitc.. err, Stitch that I signed up for... I really am going to learn to knit. I think. Maybe. We shall see.

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Friday, February 18, 2005

Rain, Rain, go away...

Although some rain delayed activities are quite welcome and the most fun provided you are still in your hotel room. :D


The finishing of Round 1 and the starting of Round 2 was all messed up due to big ole down pours lasting long enough to delay 2nd round tee times by as much as 4 hours and 6 players overnight.

Friday's leader, Brian Davis will tee off bright and early on the 10th for his second round along with D.A. Points and Brendan Jones. On the 1st tee will be Ryuji Imada, Tetsuji Hiratsuka, and Chris Starkjohann. Weather permitting tee time is 7:30 am PDT. Set those clocks. Get a wake-up call.

Of those who finished Chad Campbell holds the lead tonight with a 9 under, posting a bogey free 6 under, 65 in his second round.

Robert Allenby finished his second round scoring a 4 under today, tourney total 6 under.

Don't expect those two to stay on top very long tomorrow with Brian yet to start and Kevin Sutherland also at 6 under through the 4th hole.

I didn't think I was going to find a best dressed today with all the rain gear. Then I saw a hint of pink peeking up over a black pullover sweater.

Best Dressed goes to Luke Donald, especially when the sweater came off to reveal a pink collared shirt with little horizontal white stripes, topping black rain pants and black shoes.

Musey's Shot of the Day goes to Freddy Couples' second shot in the pouring rain on the 10th. I just love those that rattle the pin. If it had only gone in.

Mike Weir also came close to holing one on the 10th. After the rain delay, the 10th hole gave up eagles to Brent Geiberger, Jim Furyk, and Scott McCarron.

So if I had a hole of the day it would be the 10th for all the excitement it provided on this lift, clean, and play day.

Tiger Woods is through the 4th hole with a 1 under and tourney total of 5 under.

David Duval is also through the 4th hole only with a 1 over and tourney total of 4 over. Let's see if David eagles the 10th and a couple of birdies in there. The 11th and 17th are par 5's. mmhhhmmmm the cut is Even. Come on David.

Hey, I can always hope!!! If nothing else you know David has to be having a fun time with partners Hal Sutton and Jeff Sluman.

One other note... over on the Champions Tour, Curtis Strange made his debut today posting a 2 over at The ACE Group Classic. I wonder if ACE stands for Ace bandages? Oh well I will check it out later.

Personal note... hoping to reply to all the new comments while listening to the TeeBox in the morning. (and redo Thursday's post... argh sometimes I push the wrong dang buttons)

Nitey Nite.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Picture Day

Mike Weir leads the headlines as he has the chance for a three-peat at the Nissan Open.

Another third is the appearance of David Duval in 2005.


copyright 2005 Golfer's Muse

This pic was snapped a couple of years ago. He also signed a hat for a friend's daughter. He really is a great guy.

Go, David GO!!! Go, David, GO!!!

Wait! On second thought... STAY!!! DAVID!!! STAY!!! Break Par!!! Make the cut!!! Play the Weekend!!!

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Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

I have so much to post... It is very distracting to have a life. I want to watch PGA TOUR golf and post about it on this blog. Some posts are almost done. Others are scribbled on envelopes, napkins, and little pieces of paper.

Saturday I was chicknapped and we all went shopping. I bought killer shoes. Literally, no way could I ever wear these anywhere. Strictly at home entertaining preferably entertaining while reclining. Strappy stillettos with rhinestones across the toes.

Sunday brunch turned into Sunday dinner...

I will catch up soon. I know it will be old news but I do this blog as a release for my golf adoration, err, addiction. I am humbly grateful that anyone else even reads this.

Thank you to all that are linking this blog in your sidebars and in your posts. Thank you for all the comments. I want to list y'all, but tonight I don't have time. Foiled by life again.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day.

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Justin Leonard LIVE

Justin Leonard will be LIVE on 1310 the Ticket's TeeBox... 8:50 am CST. TODAY.

You can listen to the Teebox, including Rick and Craig's chat with Justin online.

Chris Bailey, a reader of this blog and newshound for NewsRadio 640 WGST, in Atlanta, Ga. turned me on(hey!! don't go there)in an IM to a golf radio show he contributes to McLefty's World of Golf. This show airs on Sundays 7-9 am EST. Catch it online as well.

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Leftie Leads...Setting New Course Record

The leftie being Phil Mickelson. A great round on this first day of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. Playing Spyglass Hill Golf Course, the tougher of the three courses used in this tournament, he broke the 64 course record by 2 with a 10 under, 62.

Five tied at second with 7 under, Charles Howell III, Kevin Sutherland, Hunter Mahan, Davis Love III, and Daniel Chopra.

The team of Jay Delsing and Doug Kintzinger,CEO of Jeld-Wen Inc., lead round one with a 58 in the Pro-Am pairs' scoring.

Best Dressed goes to George Lopez... again. I really like his style. Hey, George... Daisy Fuentes has a deal with Kohl's. Hint. Hint.
Today he wore cream colored trousers, a rusty brown pullover sweater with the neatest darn elbows I have ever seen... arglye elbows. Loved it. And of course he signature backwards tam, today, a rusty brown.
*George, Wednesday's look was a little different. I could see that look in a fantasy roleplay. Add a black mask and cape...Zorro.

Musey's Shot of the Day: David Howell's " eagle putt" on the 18th of Poppy Hills. Dang, that ball had a long ways to go. Many other great shots and putts by pros and celebs alike. A wink to David Duval for his birdie on the 2 hole of the Pebble Beach Golf Links course.

Notable sightings: Kevin Costner's extra wood on the 18th. Thank you, USA Channel. Maybe it was a short wood or a half wood. Made my brain zig I'll tell you. Hard to pay attention after seeing that, especially after rewinding and replaying a few, err, several times. He made bogey. I could understand if it was an ace or an eagle even.
Men... dang, I like the way y'all think.

I do have a wide variety of interests. Really, I do.

Speaking of wood... according to Prevention Magazine, March issue, page 40:
Guys who average 21 orgasms a month run a 33% lower risk of prostate cancer than those who have 4 to 7 per month, reveal experts at the National Cancer Institute.

On a warm and furry thought. Be sure to check on Gopher golfblogger. He's a brave little gopher to pop up among the likes of Bill Murry, that world famous gopher hunter, who also just happened to win the Wednesday's Pebble Beach Pro-Am making a $12,500 donation, his half of the winnings, to help save the libraries of Salinas.


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Happy Birthday, Greg Norman!!!

Happy 50th Birthday!!!!

Enjoy the party

Others Blowing out Candles in February

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Picture Day...

I had intended to post this picture last Wednesday due to it's football connection, but we all know that didn't happen so in honor of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

This was sent in by one of my more distingusished readers and fellow golfblogger, Jay Flemma, writer of A Walk in the Park.

Copyright 2005 Jay Flemma
Jeff Hostetler (left) and Jay Flemma
click to view larger image

Another fun week watching the PGA TOUR Pros and the Celebrities.

Bill Murray returns to tickle the fans. Possibly tangling with at least one gopher who will be posting his gopher's eye view on his gopher blog,The Monterey Herald Gopher Blog.

Other celebrities to keep an eye on... Carson Daly, George Lopez, Gary Sinise, Kenny G, Emmitt Smith, Ray Romano, Kevin Costner, Donald Trump, and many others.

As always keep an eye on the PGA TOUR Pros. A few have dropped out they will be missed. Paul Azinger, Pat Perez, Kevin Na, and others.

Casey Martin will be here as will David Duval. David, I will wear a garter and stockings everyday of this tournament as long as you break par. Real nice ones, with lacey tops... Oh darn, I keep forgetting he is married now and a daddy. Ok, Susie it's up to you.

Still looking for more PGA TOUR Pro or Celebrity Golf pics. Or for those more daring "candid" PGA TOUR Player pics.

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Sunday, February 06, 2005


Please give a warm Welcome a new golf"story"blogger. Who will share his adventures with the famous and infamous on the PGA TOUR.

We have shared a few chats by way of AOL IM's and an email or two. The idea of him blogging was born. While I wish to remain anonymous he is more daring and ready to tell all.

Well, almost all. He has to protect the innocent.

Fore Right!

His first post will have you laughing out loud, shaking your head in disbelief as tour life is way better than fiction, and anxiously awaiting for his next tour tidbit.

Welcome, newbie blogger. The grass is short, the fairways are wide, and the cups are huge!! DD's that is. :D

Y'all know Phil won, right? I will post later I am late for party.


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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Mickelson leads by Four

The lead flipped back and forth during this third round at the FBR Open between Phil Mickelson and Kevin Na. With Kevin finding bogeys while Phil fired birdies. Phil with a 5 under, 66, for a 14 under tourney total. Kevin with a 1 under, 70, for a 10 under tourney total.

Musey's Shot of the day goes to Matt Gogel's second shot on the 8th, about 153 yards, to hole in as an eagle.

A lot of other crowd pleasing shots today as well. Kevin Na had a nice chip in on the 11th for birdie. I just love those shots. The pros make them look so easy.

Best Dressed is a mystery today because I was too busy trying to catch a glimpse of Kevin Na's shirt color under his jacket. Although this could have been his golf shirt. Mock turtle neck or mandarin type collar with a zipper. Kevin... FYI, there are cameras everywhere. Be sure to show your best side as much as possible.

Bernard Langer did look color coordinated for desert play. A very eye pleasing look.

Players on the move, Mark Calcavecchia going up from 24th place to tie for 7th place with a 6 under, 65. Mark, a three time winner here, quipped he would "almost rather miss the cut at the US Open" than the FBR Open.

Didn't Mark meet his bride at the Phoenix Open? Or was it at the Bryon Nelson? I get those two party tents mixed up.

Hank Kuehne going down with a 9 over, 80, to tie for 71st place going in to final round.

Notables: Jonathan Kaye, the 2004 FBR OPEN winner, posted a 1 under, 70. Vijay Singh fired a bogey free 5 under, 66.

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When Black is White

After almost hyperventilating while listening to, the Tee Box on 1310 The Ticket, the usually very knowledgeable Craig and Rick talk about playing with black balls, as in the NIKE ONE BLACK.

The balls that are being sold to the public are WHITE.

The BLACK balls being played by the NIKE tour pros are a marketing ploy. A great one as everyone is talking about those black balls.

Who knows if this confusion keeps up NIKE may have to offer a NIKE ONE BLACK that is really black. I see lots of disappointed consumers trying to find BLACK colored NIKE ONE BLACK balls.

PGA TOUR SHOP has a special 39.95 price per dozen on NIKE ONE BLACK or pay the full $54.00 price through NIKE.

You will also notice on the NIKE site they have placed a convenient check box for you to choose a color... only choice is white/white. Now on the PGA TOUR link you may also choose a color... One Black or One Gold.

Buyer beware you will not be getting BLACK colored balls. Yet.

BTW, there are also NIKE ONE GOLD. Psssttt... these balls are also WHITE.

Now I would love to play with gold balls.

THE TEEBOX is on internet so you can listen to what I am tuned in to every Saturday Morning from 8-10.

*Update... The Sandtrap reported a rumor back in December 2004 that NIKE would package one black colored ball in box of a dozen NIKE ONE BLACK. Seems to me that someone in marketing at NIKE dropped the ball, be it black, gold, or blue... by not having these boxes with the "ONE" colored ball on the shelves now. Why cause all the chatter about black colored balls if they are not available for purchase. Will anyone care months from now?

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Friday, February 04, 2005

Freaky Friday

Phil Mickelson tied at the top of FBR OPEN with Kevin Na both posting a 9 under, with Phil getting there with a big 60.

Phil starting this second round on the 10th hole, birdies on thirteen and fourteen, followed by shooting par on the par 5, 15th. Then a birdie on sixteen with a eagle on 17th. Finishing on 1-9 holes, his back nine, with a par, par, birdie, par, and a string of 5 birdies to pencil in a 60.

So close. So very close. Just goes to show you why pros hate to shoot par on a par 5.

Musey's Shot of the Day goes to Skip Kendall's sixty foot putt for birdie on the 5th. A long way to roll to nestle in the cup. Well done. Just wish you could have stuck around for the weekend to make some dough.

Best Dressed goes to Jesper Parvenvik wearing black shoes, black shirt, black visor with white piping, and flaming orange pants. Vijay almost got the nod with his choice but his loose collar look always bugs me. Dudley Hart looked snazzy today as well.

Ryuji Imada... We need to talk. Either you need a neutral colored jacket or do not get dressed in the dark. ALthough checking out this picture shows a little ole thin stripe of the jacket color. It didn't show up well on my TV.

Many we are used to seeing on the weekend are on the way home...

Justin Leonard,Chris DiMarco, Paul Azinger, Vaughn Taylor, Luke Donald,Todd Hamilton, and others. Definately puts a damper on my weekend viewing pleasure.

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HOLE-Y Smokes!!!

He shoots, he scores!!!

Phil Mickelson, after fighting the wind on Thursday to post a 73, gave the birdie watchers something to cheer about.

Phil has FIRED a SIXTY... SIX O... 60... nine birdies and an eagle.

Take that desert wind.

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

"Thar She Blows"

SHE being the wind.

The desert wind gusting up to 35+ miles an hour caused a halt of 30 minutes in morning play. Followed by a two and a half hour delay for the afternoon tee times in the First Round of the FBR OPEN.

Early morning Players were having a tough time of it. With putters lined up for a stroke their balls would start rolling away. Only cure was softer, wetter surfaces. Groundskeepers with very long hoses did their best to keep up.

Dudley Hart tops the board with a 4 under. John Daly withdrew, after chasing the ball for a 10 over, 81, citing illness.

Play was suspended for darkness with 8 players posting completed rounds of under par.

Musey's Shot of the Day: goes to Phil Mickelson's attempt at birdie on hole 3... the wind caught the ball blowing it to the somewhat higher grass on the edge of the green... otherwise that ball was headed to the hotel.

He gets the nod because I rarely, if ever, YELL "STOP,STOP,SSSTAWWWWP!!!!,OMG STOP"

I also like the 20 foot putt from Stewart Cink with his Nike One Black. Those using Nike were allowed black balls on the 16th hole.

Best Dressed goes to Jay Haas for sporting a nice looking ensemble of a silvery blue golf shirt sandwiched between khaki trousers and a khaki cap. I liked it and didn't see anyone else that tickled my fancy.

Although Rory Sabbinti in black, white, and gray camo pants made me snicker.

Round one will continue early Friday morning. Hopefully the wind will go away.


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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Picture Day ???

Yes, it is supposed to be Musey's Picture Day. I am almost recovered from the sore throat turned NASTY FLU. Right now I am weaker than a wet pussy, err... soaking wet cat... half drowned kitten... something like that. Anyway, Picture Day slightly postponed. Check back tomorrow.

And I didn't get to go to Arizona. So now I am sick and all pouty.

Someone always asks What or Who is FBR? As in FBR OPEN. Now you don't have to ask anymore.

Oh and I added Robert Thompson's Golfblog "Going for the Green" to my Daily Reads. You ought to check it out. Awesome it is.

Me... back to bed
You... keep it straight, firm grip, long stroke...

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Blowing out candles in February

2-02-66...Bob Estes
2-02-75...Aaron Oberholser
2-03-69...Retief Goosen
2-03-74...Heath Slocum
2-05-65...Jim McGovern
2-05-80...Kevin Stadler
2-05-66...Jose Maria Olazabal
2-06-70...Tim Herron
2-07-67...Jay Williamson
2-09-68...Paul Claxton
2-09-71...Matt Gogel
2-09-58...Sandy Lyle
2-10-67...Bradley Hughes
2-10-55...Greg Norman
2-15-70...Cameron Beckman
2-16-58...John Morse
2-19-72...Greg Owen
2-20-64...Jeff Maggert
2-22-63...Vijay Singh
2-23-67...Steve Stricker
2-24-76...Zach Johnson
2-25-73...Brian Bateman

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Monday, January 31, 2005

Almost ALL Better

I spent the weekend in bed, rarely venturing out from under the covers.

When the doctor says 10-14 days I guess he really means it.

Hopefully, I will be updating this blog tonight.

Play Through.

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Friday, January 28, 2005

Play Through

Well, let's see why I have been all doped up and cuddling in my flannel sheets...

Steve Williams, Tiger's caddie, has hit a safety fence while auto-racing in New Zealand. A nasty bloody slice to his hand is the result.

Arnold Palmer and Kathleen (Kit) Gawthrop, married on Wednesday afternoon in a private ceremony in a beachfront cottage at the Turtle Bay Resort, Kahuku, Oahu, Hawaii, where Palmer will play in the Turtle Bay Championship on the Champions Tour this weekend.

Best Wishes to the Happy Couple.

Joe Ogilvie tops the Bob Hope Classic Leaderboard. Doesn't he have the most infectious smile? I just start grinning while he is being interviewed.

Tag Ridings had a interesting round.

Musey's Shot of the Day goes to the ricochet off the rocks into the canal on the PGA West course by Steve Flesch on 17th. I always wonder if there are snakes in all those rocks.

Best Dressed goes to Fred Couples. He sported a orange and white, in very thin stripes, golf shirt topped by a sleeveless, v-neck sweater vest. Combined with his salt and pepper hair he looked cuddly. Today cuddly was good.

Although, Yummy will be welcomed again very soon.

David Duval
is apparently not wearing THE garter and he is still listening to Cheech. Maybe that wasn't a dream after all.

Thanks for all the comments, post links, and emails I will get to ALL of them tomorrow. I will also be updating my blogroll, adding some golf reads, y'all really should check out.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Fever Dreams ??

I was dreaming or some may say having feverish nightmares.

I had just picked George Lopez as Best Dressed for Wednesday and Thursday. I must have had colored diamonds on my mind.

I was sitting in a big red, curved, booth with George, Maury Povich, Fred Couples, David Duval, and Cheech Marin at some fancy restaurant in Palm Springs. It was after Thursday's round of the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic.

I was eating Spaghetti and Meatballs. Just the meatballs though. I was licking the sauce of off one, that I had speared with my fork, while the guys talked.

Every so often I twirled the fork in my fingers while attempting to take in the entire meatball.

George was talking about all of us investing in argyle sweaters as that was the up and coming thing.

Maury just kept nodding and saying Sweet Jesus for emphasis.

Fred was eyeing my spaghetti noodles or my cleavage, not quite sure.

David was listening to Cheech, who has been giving David swing lessons. David was doing a lot of nodding.

Eventually, I placed the now sauce-free meatball on my plate. After which I picked up knitting needles and a ball of soft pink mohair yarn.

I started knitting David a garter belt. I'm almost finished. I needed a little satin rose for the front.

Joe Pesci showed up about that time to escort me back to the hotel so I could rest and get over this sore throat. He had antibiotics.

I'll be sure to find a rose and finish that garter belt before David tees up at the next tourney.

I'm not sure if I am supposed to wear it or David.
I woke up before that was decided.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Picture Day: I show you, Tiger Woods. You show me?

Number 2... with a bullet!!

or rising star or whatever those "on the move up" things are called.

click to view larger image

The Bob Hope Chrysler Classic is off to a great start. Check out the Leaderboard Link in the sidebar to the right for current stats.

A great site to read all about what is actually happening in the desert is:
The Desert Sun

It has the neatest search feature that allows you to see what celebrities are playing with which PGA TOUR Player for all 4 days.

My fever is coming down although I am still HOT.

You tell me who was the Best Dressed and Your Shot of the Day, while I go cuddle up in the middle of my flannel sheets.

And you thought I was going to say red satin sheets didn't you.

Those are black and for the summer.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I have a fever and a sore throat. I need a boo-boo kiss.

On second thought I don't want you to catch whatever it is I got.

I wanted to blow kisses to the ones linking and blogrolling to my site tonight.

I shouldn't spread the germs.

Watch the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, it will be a hoot.

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Monday, January 24, 2005

The Very First Musey's K.I.S.S. Award

Every once in awhile I run across something or some article that makes my brain zig when it probably should have zagged.

I will be sharing those "zigs" by awarding it a Musey's K.I.S.S.
"Know It's Sassy Satire"

When I first saw this my brain zigged thinking, "Oh my what a odd looking nipple clamp".

Upon further zigging my brain determined "This could be a new rabbit" and not the Monday morning qualifing kind.

Imagine my brain's dismay to find that this new GOLF GADGET doesn't require batteries.

Although it will hold your cigar while you stroke your putter.

K.I.S.S goes to:

Mark Mender

So if I see you on the Driving Range with this hanging on your belt I may get just a bit .... errr, flustered.

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Want More Tiger?

Read Tiger's complete interview after his win at the 2005 PGA TOUR Buick Invitational.

For those wanting more on Tom Lehman, read his interview.

And now all you Tiger fans have to wait a few weeks to see him again. Or come back Wednesday to see him on Musey's Picture Day.

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Tiger Tames Torrey Again

Tiger Woods wins in a great round of ups and downs. Final Leaderboard for the PGA TOUR Buick Invitational shows Tiger with a 16 under.

Tiger started Sunday by finishing up his third round with 3 bogeys.

The players had a 25 minute break then it was back to work for the final eighteen. A brief fog delay ran the televised time on ABC over to ESPN. Thank goodness for that or I would have passed out trying to get my Tour Pass to work. What a finish this one was with Tiger ultimately on top.

Three is the number tied for second, 3 shots back. Although two of these held or shared the lead most of the round,Tom Lehman and Luke Donald.

Musey's Shot of the Day: Well this choice went back and forth so many times. Birdies, an almost Ace, bogeys... plenty of cheers and groans were made by me today.

But the heartbreaking bogey on 18th for Tom Lehman almost had me in tears. Instead of having 2nd place finish all to himself, he has to share with Luke and Charles Howell III. So Tom's Bogey on the 18th gets the nod. And a boo-boo kiss if it would help.

I was really hoping Tom would make it all the way. Darn it.

Best Dressed: Peter Lonard's choice of snazzy blue and white colored-blocked shirt. Luke Donald gets a nod for honorable mention for wearing Pink and Black.

Final Scores and Show Me the Money

Off to the desert for the star-studded Bob Hope Chysler Classic whichs plays for 5 days starting on Wednesday.

I don't think there will be fog delays this coming week. Do you?


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