Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Golf Tip

(AOL ate Tuesday's Post, by the time I had finished it I was to tired to do it again. I will do that one another time.)

Rarely will you find me giving a Golf Tip. There are so many others more qualified than I to give advice. However, this one has worked for others so here you go...

Don't you just hate it when you add up all your strokes to find you have a bogey, double, triple, or not enough room to put all the little hash marks in that little space on the card?

Stop making them. Instead of keeping score by strokes made.

Keep score with your balls.

Start with a sleeve or two. Okay a box then. Do not use a range bucket full.

You play till you run out of balls. After a while you will find that you will get to where you have all your balls at the final hole.

What a success when you play a round and not lose your balls.

Imagine going home and the significant other asking, "Hon, how was your golf game today?"

And you answer. "Dear, I still have my balls. And I even managed to find some other guy's balls. Wanna see 'em?"

A guy at the club asks you your handicapp. You can reply. "My balls. I play eighteen with two, sometimes only one.

How many balls do you play with?

At this point you are ready to count your strokes again.

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