Monday, January 17, 2005

Oh How Cute & Kisses to You

For those of you with babies or babies soon to arrive... toddlers even.

Now you can dress them up to a tee.

Almost makes me want to have another.
On second thought I will just keep practicing.

Blowing kisses to...
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The Sandtrap
MJ on Golf

Blogrolling Me:
A Walk in the Park
Hunny Hive

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Grouchy Golf Blog
MJ on Golf

Special Kiss:
Clark, aka FourRight, from the AOL PGA TOUR Board, for telling me who was in the grouping with Tommy Armour III. Franco and Vaughn Taylor, who had to be the "Peaches and Cream" Man on Friday's Best Dressed Player.

Thanks, Everyone!!! For being so nice to the New Golf Blogger on the Net.

Keep those comments and emails coming. I am getting to them as quick as I can. I plan on posting the questions I have been getting along with the answers in an ABOUT MUSEY post real soon.

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At Tue Jan 18, 10:31:00 AM CST, Blogger A WALK IN THE PARK said...

Big kisses back to you musey, its great having your effervescant personality and rapier analysis as part of the golf world family. You are great for our game!

At Tue Jan 18, 01:16:00 PM CST, Blogger Golf Grouch said...

Good luck and keep up the good work. It's nice to have another blogger to offset my grouchiness.

At Tue Jan 18, 06:13:00 PM CST, Blogger MJ said...

No doubt, you have the golf weblog with the most personality. Refreshing.

At Wed Jan 19, 05:06:00 PM CST, Blogger Rob said...

How'd you know my wife is due. February 11th is the due date. We are expecting a girl. Can't decide if her "take home" outfit should be Oakland Raiders or golf.


At Wed Jan 19, 09:37:00 PM CST, Blogger Musey said...

Jay, Maveric, and MJ,

Y'all sure know how to make a gal blush.
Thank you for all the kind words.

At Wed Jan 19, 09:43:00 PM CST, Blogger Musey said...


As a Muse, I know lots of things. :)

I would suggest choosing the golf attire for a sweet homecoming.

Plus a wie, err, wee one would look awful in shoulder pads. What kind of colors would silver and black be for a baby?

Golf togs are so much more colorful, pinks, blues, turquoise, etc... plus golfers get such great accessories.


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