Friday, January 14, 2005

Shopping Spree for Wie

Mall hopping... 2 days of Retail Therapy, joked Michelle Wie in her press conference following her cut missing round of 4 over on Friday. A heart-breaking triple bogey on the 6th hole pretty much ended the hope of many that she would play on the weekend this year. A brief rally with a birdie on the 10th, followed by bogeys on the 13th, 14th, and 15th. Michelle finished with a nice birdie on the 18th followed by a crowd pleasing smile.

I agree with Kraig Kann's article on her presence at the Sony Open. Some will and some won't. Got to love opinions.

Smiling Shigeki Maruyama fired an impressive 65 to top the Leaderboard with a 8 under par.

Another score of note belongs to Dick Mast,(note to self: stop giggling) who qualified on Monday, shooting a whopping 64 to make his claim to fame low round in the second of the Sony Open. Dick, I believe I will call you Richard if you keep making news.

Many shots today caused this Muse to moan and ahhhh, but the only one to cause my eyebrows to raise was~

Musey's Shot of the Day: Craig Stadler's putter producing a birdie out of the rough on the 1st hole. My... My ... been awhile since I have seen a happy bouncing ball such as his actually make it in the cup. Nice surprise for all.

Best Dressed goes to: ????, wearing a juicy peach golf shirt topping creamy colored pants. mmmMhhhmmm goodness, Peaches and Cream. ???? played in the threesome with tuxedo-classy clad Tommy Armour III. Only caught a glimpse but I knew he decked out just right.

Darn computer, I knew I should have printed out the first and second round groupings. Anyone have any idea who was in this group?

Vijay's Ebay auction has 5 days left. The list of tournament tickets the winning bidder will receive along with the SUV and used by Vijay clubs are now posted. Vijay and his wife, Ardena, donated $150,000 to the American Red Cross to go to the victims of those hurricanes in 2004.

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At Sun Jan 16, 12:25:00 PM CST, Blogger A WALK IN THE PARK said...

Spot on musey...nice to see shigeki playwell on a saturday instead of just a thurs or fri...he's a nice guy and always smiling. plus its good to see a shorty (what is he...5'7"?) play well...205 yd 6-iron...thats amazing.

At Mon Jan 17, 08:29:00 PM CST, Blogger Musey said...

Hi Jay,
I know, it is amazing how far out there he gets it.
And he is always smiling or grinning.
Makes me smile,too. Can't help it.


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