Sunday, January 09, 2005

Papa-to-be Appleby Repeats in Mercedes

Stuart Appleby slides in with an one eagle, four birdie, boogie free, 6 under par to post a final score of - 21 . Topping the the leaderboard at the season opener 2004 Mercedes Championship.

Back to Back wins for him made history as this is first time that has happened since the winners only tournament has been held at Kapalua. PGA TOUR story calls Stuart,"King of Kapulua".

Well done, Mate!!

With a rain delay that pushed the tee times back to their regular spots. We got to watch this final round in real time. And what a ride it was with more ups and downs than the Texas Giant Roller Coaster at Six Flags.

Vijay Singh
tripled boogied the 13th to spur is his spiral out of the lead.

Ernie Els
chance fell through as his tee shot off the 18th took the scenic route by way of the cart path. He finished third along with Tiger Woods.

Jonathan Kaye took my breath away with his eagle on the 9th.

Enough so to be Musey's Shot of the Day.

Wouldn't that have been something if Jonathan could have held on to the lead? Although finishing second is pretty awesome as well.

Best Dressed goes to Adam Scott sporting a light pink shirt that I barely glimpsed as the ESPN's cameras spent little time on capturing this man's boogie free, 65, the lowest in this final round.

Shame on ESPN. I really learned something watching Haney. Not! Keep the cameras on the players please that's who I want to watch. Give Haney is own show.

Final Scores and Show Me the Money

Happy 25th Birthday, Sergio Garcia

Off we go to Honolulu to the Full Field - Sony Open.

And before you ask, I do think Michelle Wie will make the cut.

Michelle's goal is to be in the top 20. You go girl.

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At Mon Jan 10, 10:19:00 AM CST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello there~ well, this is certainly a different sort of blog, but it looks lovely and the layout is so refreshing! :)

At Mon Jan 10, 04:24:00 PM CST, Blogger A WALK IN THE PARK said...

Hey Musey:) Nice work on the Mercedes! Personally, I love Els. Go Ernie. I have a question. Is the course next week Weilea or Wailua? Is it true Wailua only costs like $45 to play? Thanks.

At Tue Jan 11, 08:23:00 PM CST, Blogger Musey said...

Letti, thanks for the comment. Your blog is great. You have a great viewpoint on living in America. I'll have to send you some recipes. :)

At Tue Jan 11, 08:27:00 PM CST, Blogger Musey said...

Letti, Thanks for the compliment, too.

At Tue Jan 11, 08:34:00 PM CST, Blogger Musey said...

Jay, thank you for the compliment as well.

The Sony Open is played at the Waialae Country Club.

It is a private course, pretty darn exclusive but a Muse does have her sources.

Yours are not correct. About 7 years ago they were though :)

Double that, basically and there are tiered prices as well. SSSSssshhhhh it's a secret... As are the membership fees and dues. Not to be made public knowledge. So that is as close as I can tell you.

BUT... if you would like to play as an unaccompanied guest? As in you don't know a member to accompany you.

I will send you the details and approximate round cost in an email. ;)


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