Saturday, January 08, 2005

Surf 's Up and so are Sunday's Tee Times

Instead of twiddling my fingers while waiting for the men to tee it up at the PGA TOUR Mercedes Championship I have been doing a little geography and weather research.

The weather forecast for Sunday afternoon is a 70 percent chance of rain and a wind shift to boot. With that heading their way the tee times for Sunday have been moved to early morning with threesomes starting at both the 1st and 10th tees. Messes up the LIVE ESPN's televised times. There is no way I can't look at the leaderboard to see what going on.

A nice map of Maui provides the means to determine which of the geographical depiction zones to choose to get the weather forecast. Wow! Six different weather zones on a 728.6 square mile island. To put that in perpective the smallest in land mass in the USA is Rhode Island with 1,045 square miles.

It never hurts to expand one's knowledge of the world around them. I could have spent the day shoe shopping or something.

Thankfully it is almost time to watch the 3rd round.

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