Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Picture Day: I'll show you mine. Will you show me yours?

A great opportunity for golf fans is attending the PGA TOUR PRO AM on Wednesday of most every tournament. Commonly known as "Picture Day". Sparse galleries. Autographs are fairly easily obtained. Pictures may be taken, as cameras are allowed.

After you have shared them with all your relatives, co-workers, neighbors, and you still can't believe the great pic you have taken of Tiger, Ernie, Vijay or any of the other card holders...

Don't you just want to show everyone that great picture YOU have taken of "insert your favorite golfer's name here".

If you don't have a place to showcase that photo(s)you do now.

Send me your "Picture Day" photo, you will hold the copyright to it as well as be acknowledged as the photographer. Unless you prefer to remain anonymous or you may use a nickname.

**Email me at: golfersmuse(AT)gmail(DOT)com for the details.

To get "Picture Day" started I will share from my album.

click for larger view

Vijay Singh, #1 Golfer in the World.

Also if you are a wife or girlfriend of a PGA TOUR Player and would like to send in a candid shot of your man that would be great as well.

**remove the (AT) use @ and remove (DOT) use .

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