Sunday, February 06, 2005


Please give a warm Welcome a new golf"story"blogger. Who will share his adventures with the famous and infamous on the PGA TOUR.

We have shared a few chats by way of AOL IM's and an email or two. The idea of him blogging was born. While I wish to remain anonymous he is more daring and ready to tell all.

Well, almost all. He has to protect the innocent.

Fore Right!

His first post will have you laughing out loud, shaking your head in disbelief as tour life is way better than fiction, and anxiously awaiting for his next tour tidbit.

Welcome, newbie blogger. The grass is short, the fairways are wide, and the cups are huge!! DD's that is. :D

Y'all know Phil won, right? I will post later I am late for party.


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At Sun Feb 06, 09:47:00 PM CST, Blogger Robert Thompson said...

You are always so spot on, Ms. Muse. This new blog has potential -- but I'm willing to out the player this story is about. Craig Stadler told me the same story, with name intact, during the summer.


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