Thursday, February 03, 2005

"Thar She Blows"

SHE being the wind.

The desert wind gusting up to 35+ miles an hour caused a halt of 30 minutes in morning play. Followed by a two and a half hour delay for the afternoon tee times in the First Round of the FBR OPEN.

Early morning Players were having a tough time of it. With putters lined up for a stroke their balls would start rolling away. Only cure was softer, wetter surfaces. Groundskeepers with very long hoses did their best to keep up.

Dudley Hart tops the board with a 4 under. John Daly withdrew, after chasing the ball for a 10 over, 81, citing illness.

Play was suspended for darkness with 8 players posting completed rounds of under par.

Musey's Shot of the Day: goes to Phil Mickelson's attempt at birdie on hole 3... the wind caught the ball blowing it to the somewhat higher grass on the edge of the green... otherwise that ball was headed to the hotel.

He gets the nod because I rarely, if ever, YELL "STOP,STOP,SSSTAWWWWP!!!!,OMG STOP"

I also like the 20 foot putt from Stewart Cink with his Nike One Black. Those using Nike were allowed black balls on the 16th hole.

Best Dressed goes to Jay Haas for sporting a nice looking ensemble of a silvery blue golf shirt sandwiched between khaki trousers and a khaki cap. I liked it and didn't see anyone else that tickled my fancy.

Although Rory Sabbinti in black, white, and gray camo pants made me snicker.

Round one will continue early Friday morning. Hopefully the wind will go away.


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