Saturday, February 05, 2005

When Black is White

After almost hyperventilating while listening to, the Tee Box on 1310 The Ticket, the usually very knowledgeable Craig and Rick talk about playing with black balls, as in the NIKE ONE BLACK.

The balls that are being sold to the public are WHITE.

The BLACK balls being played by the NIKE tour pros are a marketing ploy. A great one as everyone is talking about those black balls.

Who knows if this confusion keeps up NIKE may have to offer a NIKE ONE BLACK that is really black. I see lots of disappointed consumers trying to find BLACK colored NIKE ONE BLACK balls.

PGA TOUR SHOP has a special 39.95 price per dozen on NIKE ONE BLACK or pay the full $54.00 price through NIKE.

You will also notice on the NIKE site they have placed a convenient check box for you to choose a color... only choice is white/white. Now on the PGA TOUR link you may also choose a color... One Black or One Gold.

Buyer beware you will not be getting BLACK colored balls. Yet.

BTW, there are also NIKE ONE GOLD. Psssttt... these balls are also WHITE.

Now I would love to play with gold balls.

THE TEEBOX is on internet so you can listen to what I am tuned in to every Saturday Morning from 8-10.

*Update... The Sandtrap reported a rumor back in December 2004 that NIKE would package one black colored ball in box of a dozen NIKE ONE BLACK. Seems to me that someone in marketing at NIKE dropped the ball, be it black, gold, or blue... by not having these boxes with the "ONE" colored ball on the shelves now. Why cause all the chatter about black colored balls if they are not available for purchase. Will anyone care months from now?

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