Monday, February 21, 2005

Adam Scott Wins

Adam Scott wins in sudden death, in a "only one hole playable" duel, over Chad Campbell at the soggy, rainy, windy, hailed on, and washed out Nissan Open.

Yea, Whatever...

Thanks for coming out. Thanks for playing. No trip to 2006 Mercedes for you unless you win again at another tourney in 2005.

The money's good though. Congrats, Adam.

Musey's Shot of the Day: Adam's putt.

Best Dressed: the guys in the yellow slickers. Y'all did a great job trying to keep up with all that water and that was just on the 18th fairway.

Bogeys to those on the AOL PGA TOUR TALK Message Board for the whiney posts blasting the tour officials for not having a full field, full round of golf today. Let me spell it out again... click the links, look at the pictures... think real hard about how in the sam hell anyone could play that course today. Oh and please take pictures and send them to me the next time you play a round at you local course in those conditions. Oh wait, your course would be closed wouldn't it.

Ok... taking deep breath.

Play Through.

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