Saturday, February 19, 2005

Come again some other day... the Rain, not y'all

Still raining and forecast calls for more. About 2 inches in 24 hours.
Tee times pushed back to 9:30 PST. Then back again to 11:30 PST. Am that is.

Odds and Ends to enjoy with morning coffee, tea, or ....

Men in black Come on Nike give me some color. Although they both look pretty darn good in black.

Last week Peter Jacobsen withdrew from the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am with an injury to his right knee. One which had bothered him for some time, so off to Vail, Co. for surgery on February 14th. Now at home, in Florida, Peter will hobbling around on crutches for about a week with no tour action for four to six weeks. Hopefully he will tee up at the PGA TOUR's Players Championship, March 21 ­27.

New Long Drive Record of 720 yards was set in London by Paul Slater, using SMT Golf's O2 driver. Yes, I said 720 yards. That's like over 7 football fields, right? I can't comprend that kind of distance. WOW!!!. Former record was held by Stuart Appleby with a 696 yard bomber. Bianca Finn, a 14 yr old girl, hit a 510 yard drive. Now that's what I call firing.

Quoting a Paul Slater interview..."I knew it was right as soon as I hit it. You know when you've hit a good get the surge going right up through your body. That's what we do it for really."

"I took some loft off the club I was using after the first couple, as the ball was losing energy on the runway as it was dropping from a height," Slater was later quoted as saying. "This club has a 2.5 degree loft and the stiffest shaft I've ever used.”

Alrighty then... y'all need stiffer shafts for those long drives.

Well, I have more odds and ends but they along with Thursday's post and comment replies will have to wait a bit. I have to jump in some clothes and head to a Sit and Bitc.. err, Stitch that I signed up for... I really am going to learn to knit. I think. Maybe. We shall see.

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