Monday, July 04, 2005

Stop that

whoever keeps poking me with a fork...

I am NOT DONE yet !!!!

between family illness, real life, and then my darn computer died. So I am using a borrowed one until I can save enough to buy a fancy, smancy, laptop.

So I have not been online to check email or much of anything else.

I thought I would be posting again this last week... instead of posting I starting checking on you all.

Good Grief, what in the world was all that about with Jay?

From what I was able to read before I was bumped off line (yes, I had to use dial-up, cause borrowed computer doesn't have enough thingies to use DSL) it looked to me like those other "taking up space on the web people" (calling them that cause they sure didn't look like bloggers or sports/golf writers to me) were GREEN, maybe because they didn't get press creds for the Open????

Anyway, I hope to be posting regularly before the British Open... keep your fingers crossed for this old computer. Okay?

Thanks to those that have emailed and commented in my absence.

For those that are asking for linking on my blog, my webbie friend will get to all of that as soon as she can. Since I wasn't posting, my blog wasn't on her list of top priorties.

She will be putting all sorts of goodies on here over the next few days or weeks. She is setting me up with Ads and other links for you to click.

Maybe I will be able to get my laptop a little faster that way.

I have certainly missed all of you!!!!

Now back to posting about those awesome men of the PGA TOUR

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At Mon Jul 04, 04:34:00 PM CDT, Blogger sarah said...

Nice to see that you're back. I'm sorry about the family illness, I know how those can go.


Hope to see you blogging more soon!

At Tue Jul 05, 08:30:00 AM CDT, Blogger John S. said...

Welcome back! Sorry about your family issues, I hope everything is better for here on out.

I look forward to reading your blog again!

At Tue Jul 05, 05:53:00 PM CDT, Blogger Musey said...

Hi Sarah. Thanks, and I hope to be blogging more as well.

Are you blogging the bike race in what's it called???

At Tue Jul 05, 05:53:00 PM CDT, Blogger Musey said...

Thanks, John. I do as well.

At Tue Jul 05, 06:13:00 PM CDT, Blogger sarah said...

It's called the Tour de France and I am indeed. Every day that I can (sadly, will be missing two days -- though I will catch up) looking for an apartment.

But it's all here.

At Sat Jul 09, 10:10:00 PM CDT, Blogger dave said...

Great your back. It was a long time. Hope everything is better now.

At Wed Oct 26, 06:20:00 AM CDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Fri Oct 28, 10:14:00 AM CDT, Blogger Sports Junky said...

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