Saturday, January 22, 2005

Tom & Tiger Tied for Top at Torrey Pines

at least for now. The Third round has been suspended due to darkness after being halted for a weather delay caused by that pesky Marine effect. FOG.

Third rounds to start bright and early so that the final round of the PGA TOUR Buick Invitational will be completed on Sunday.

Musey's Shot of the Day: Tiger Woods' save out of the bunker on the 11th. Picture Perfect. One of 4 birdies for this third round.

Best Dressed goes to: Who knows. I didn't get a chance to be impressed. When the weather delay was called they all put their jackets on. Most of the caddies had nice legs though. Oh heck I'll give Best Dressed to the Tournament Marshalls.

Ever notice how the golfers will be wearing sweater vests or jackets giving the TV viewers the idea that it is cold? But then the caddies are wearing leg baring shorts.

Dang Fog.


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