Monday, July 18, 2005

Did Y'all have a good weekend?

I did. What a weekend for PGA Tour Golf. Hours and Hours of GOLF, men, and updates on Wie. I was almost in a golf coma.

Of course the borrowed computer wouldn't cooperate, so couldn't post. But as long as it wasn't raining I could see all of The British Open , B.C. Open, and more. I love this time of year.

To many Best Dressed and To Many Shots of the Day(s) to pick.

I cried when Jack Nicklaus finished. Oh, heck I cried before he finished. I am not old enough to have watched him in his "hey-day" but thanks to TGC I am able to see all the greats.

That's it for now before I get booted offline. Looks like we are going to get another bit of rain, thunder, and lightening. It can be frightening. I sure don't want to get zapped.

I will respond to the Wie comment from my last post when I get a chance. Y'all know I definitely have something to say about his comment. Until then those that want to check out Michelle Wie's accomplishments can do so.

Play Through.

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At Tue Jul 19, 04:30:00 PM CDT, Anonymous Chris Bailey said...

Yep, I totally agree on the Jack comment. I got all misty eyed watching him Saturday morning at Augusta.
He was a little emotional walking up the fairway, waving at the patrons. Now I guess the bet is to see if Tiger can catch his major title number.

Looks good so far.

Welcome back, drop me an email sometime.


At Tue Jul 19, 04:42:00 PM CDT, Blogger Miranda said...

I told my boss, also a golf fan, that Tiger can win as much as he wants for the next three or four years, then Michelle Wie will kick his butt. She's this good now, imagine how great she will be in three years.

At Wed Jul 20, 01:59:00 PM CDT, Blogger dave said...

Anyone who didn't turn into a turnip or other such vegetable over the weekend is not a real golf person. What a delight the open was and of course we were all pulling for Wie; well here we were.

At Fri Aug 12, 11:06:00 AM CDT, Anonymous mediaguru @ Hooked On Golf Blog said...

What's up Muse? Did you just come back and make a post or two to tease us?

At Mon Sep 19, 10:27:00 AM CDT, Blogger mediaguru @ said...

Yeah right.


At Tue Sep 27, 11:37:00 AM CDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally the US won a team competition. I hope now that Chris DiMarco get´s the recognition he deserves. He will win a mayor in 2007.

At Sun Oct 30, 09:37:00 PM CST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Sun Jan 27, 09:27:00 AM CST, Anonymous רומא said...

I wouldn't count on tiger so much. as you could all see.

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