Monday, July 18, 2005

Did Y'all have a good weekend?

I did. What a weekend for PGA Tour Golf. Hours and Hours of GOLF, men, and updates on Wie. I was almost in a golf coma.

Of course the borrowed computer wouldn't cooperate, so couldn't post. But as long as it wasn't raining I could see all of The British Open , B.C. Open, and more. I love this time of year.

To many Best Dressed and To Many Shots of the Day(s) to pick.

I cried when Jack Nicklaus finished. Oh, heck I cried before he finished. I am not old enough to have watched him in his "hey-day" but thanks to TGC I am able to see all the greats.

That's it for now before I get booted offline. Looks like we are going to get another bit of rain, thunder, and lightening. It can be frightening. I sure don't want to get zapped.

I will respond to the Wie comment from my last post when I get a chance. Y'all know I definitely have something to say about his comment. Until then those that want to check out Michelle Wie's accomplishments can do so.

Play Through.

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Friday, July 08, 2005

Will Wie or Won't Wie

I hope Wie will.

With a 1 under first round she is in position to make the cut, barring any meltdowns.

As for her playing partners Nick has already melted. Scott is even par, rebounding from an early double bogey on the 3rd hole.

The men of my fantasy grouping: Todd Hamilton and Stewart Cink both with a 3 under, Brent Geiberger with a 2 under.

Best Dressed goes to: Michelle, looking very calm, cool, collected, in white belted, khaki pants, yellow, collared golf shirt, white shoes, and a yellow cap. Plus what may become a signature earring for her, lovely, chic chandelairs.

And guys admit it her white glove sticking out of her back pocket caused a second look.... then you remembered she is 15 and can beat you anyday of the week.

Musey's Shot of The Day: Michelle's birdie on the 9th hole. Longest par 4 on this course.

If I had time I would see how many birdies were made on 9th... maybe later today, for now I have to get dressed.

Yes, for those who have asked, the nekkid blogger button is there cause I usually do.

Occasionally in bra and panties.

Have a great friday!!

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Here Wie Go

First and Second round tee times are up for the John Deere Classic

Last tourney to quaify for The British Open if not already in the field.

Tee #1 on Thursday
8:48 am Nick Watney, Scott Gutschewski, Michelle Wie

Tee #10 on Friday
1:48 pm

So will she or won't she?
Leave your answer in comments and if she will, what will she shoot?

Oh and just for fun will the two men in the threesome made the cut?

My Fantasy Threesome for the first 2 days:

Teeing off on Thursday on the #10 at 7:36 am
Brent Geiberger, Stewart Cink, and Todd Hamilton, all three, tall and good looking.

On another note while I was offline one thing of interest probably to no one but me popped up.

You know how some bloggers get all excited about where their blogs rank in google, msn, and all those other search engine crawling webbots or whatever they are called

So here is Musey's Hole in One's claim to fame


"21 orgasms a month"

who searches for that exact number?

I know it was in this post, but it just seems odd they would search for 21.

Why not be hopeful and go for 42, or 63, or some other number... like par

Oh yeah... 70, 71, 72 orgasms in a month. Wishful thinking. No one would be searching for that many orgasms in a month.

Oh well, Musey's Hole in One will be 1 of 1 in giving you 21 orgasms a month. Yahoo says so.

You'll just have to be happy with that.

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Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th of July

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Stop that

whoever keeps poking me with a fork...

I am NOT DONE yet !!!!

between family illness, real life, and then my darn computer died. So I am using a borrowed one until I can save enough to buy a fancy, smancy, laptop.

So I have not been online to check email or much of anything else.

I thought I would be posting again this last week... instead of posting I starting checking on you all.

Good Grief, what in the world was all that about with Jay?

From what I was able to read before I was bumped off line (yes, I had to use dial-up, cause borrowed computer doesn't have enough thingies to use DSL) it looked to me like those other "taking up space on the web people" (calling them that cause they sure didn't look like bloggers or sports/golf writers to me) were GREEN, maybe because they didn't get press creds for the Open????

Anyway, I hope to be posting regularly before the British Open... keep your fingers crossed for this old computer. Okay?

Thanks to those that have emailed and commented in my absence.

For those that are asking for linking on my blog, my webbie friend will get to all of that as soon as she can. Since I wasn't posting, my blog wasn't on her list of top priorties.

She will be putting all sorts of goodies on here over the next few days or weeks. She is setting me up with Ads and other links for you to click.

Maybe I will be able to get my laptop a little faster that way.

I have certainly missed all of you!!!!

Now back to posting about those awesome men of the PGA TOUR

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