Monday, January 31, 2005

Almost ALL Better

I spent the weekend in bed, rarely venturing out from under the covers.

When the doctor says 10-14 days I guess he really means it.

Hopefully, I will be updating this blog tonight.

Play Through.

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Friday, January 28, 2005

Play Through

Well, let's see why I have been all doped up and cuddling in my flannel sheets...

Steve Williams, Tiger's caddie, has hit a safety fence while auto-racing in New Zealand. A nasty bloody slice to his hand is the result.

Arnold Palmer and Kathleen (Kit) Gawthrop, married on Wednesday afternoon in a private ceremony in a beachfront cottage at the Turtle Bay Resort, Kahuku, Oahu, Hawaii, where Palmer will play in the Turtle Bay Championship on the Champions Tour this weekend.

Best Wishes to the Happy Couple.

Joe Ogilvie tops the Bob Hope Classic Leaderboard. Doesn't he have the most infectious smile? I just start grinning while he is being interviewed.

Tag Ridings had a interesting round.

Musey's Shot of the Day goes to the ricochet off the rocks into the canal on the PGA West course by Steve Flesch on 17th. I always wonder if there are snakes in all those rocks.

Best Dressed goes to Fred Couples. He sported a orange and white, in very thin stripes, golf shirt topped by a sleeveless, v-neck sweater vest. Combined with his salt and pepper hair he looked cuddly. Today cuddly was good.

Although, Yummy will be welcomed again very soon.

David Duval
is apparently not wearing THE garter and he is still listening to Cheech. Maybe that wasn't a dream after all.

Thanks for all the comments, post links, and emails I will get to ALL of them tomorrow. I will also be updating my blogroll, adding some golf reads, y'all really should check out.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Fever Dreams ??

I was dreaming or some may say having feverish nightmares.

I had just picked George Lopez as Best Dressed for Wednesday and Thursday. I must have had colored diamonds on my mind.

I was sitting in a big red, curved, booth with George, Maury Povich, Fred Couples, David Duval, and Cheech Marin at some fancy restaurant in Palm Springs. It was after Thursday's round of the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic.

I was eating Spaghetti and Meatballs. Just the meatballs though. I was licking the sauce of off one, that I had speared with my fork, while the guys talked.

Every so often I twirled the fork in my fingers while attempting to take in the entire meatball.

George was talking about all of us investing in argyle sweaters as that was the up and coming thing.

Maury just kept nodding and saying Sweet Jesus for emphasis.

Fred was eyeing my spaghetti noodles or my cleavage, not quite sure.

David was listening to Cheech, who has been giving David swing lessons. David was doing a lot of nodding.

Eventually, I placed the now sauce-free meatball on my plate. After which I picked up knitting needles and a ball of soft pink mohair yarn.

I started knitting David a garter belt. I'm almost finished. I needed a little satin rose for the front.

Joe Pesci showed up about that time to escort me back to the hotel so I could rest and get over this sore throat. He had antibiotics.

I'll be sure to find a rose and finish that garter belt before David tees up at the next tourney.

I'm not sure if I am supposed to wear it or David.
I woke up before that was decided.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Picture Day: I show you, Tiger Woods. You show me?

Number 2... with a bullet!!

or rising star or whatever those "on the move up" things are called.

click to view larger image

The Bob Hope Chrysler Classic is off to a great start. Check out the Leaderboard Link in the sidebar to the right for current stats.

A great site to read all about what is actually happening in the desert is:
The Desert Sun

It has the neatest search feature that allows you to see what celebrities are playing with which PGA TOUR Player for all 4 days.

My fever is coming down although I am still HOT.

You tell me who was the Best Dressed and Your Shot of the Day, while I go cuddle up in the middle of my flannel sheets.

And you thought I was going to say red satin sheets didn't you.

Those are black and for the summer.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I have a fever and a sore throat. I need a boo-boo kiss.

On second thought I don't want you to catch whatever it is I got.

I wanted to blow kisses to the ones linking and blogrolling to my site tonight.

I shouldn't spread the germs.

Watch the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, it will be a hoot.

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Monday, January 24, 2005

The Very First Musey's K.I.S.S. Award

Every once in awhile I run across something or some article that makes my brain zig when it probably should have zagged.

I will be sharing those "zigs" by awarding it a Musey's K.I.S.S.
"Know It's Sassy Satire"

When I first saw this my brain zigged thinking, "Oh my what a odd looking nipple clamp".

Upon further zigging my brain determined "This could be a new rabbit" and not the Monday morning qualifing kind.

Imagine my brain's dismay to find that this new GOLF GADGET doesn't require batteries.

Although it will hold your cigar while you stroke your putter.

K.I.S.S goes to:

Mark Mender

So if I see you on the Driving Range with this hanging on your belt I may get just a bit .... errr, flustered.

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Want More Tiger?

Read Tiger's complete interview after his win at the 2005 PGA TOUR Buick Invitational.

For those wanting more on Tom Lehman, read his interview.

And now all you Tiger fans have to wait a few weeks to see him again. Or come back Wednesday to see him on Musey's Picture Day.

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Tiger Tames Torrey Again

Tiger Woods wins in a great round of ups and downs. Final Leaderboard for the PGA TOUR Buick Invitational shows Tiger with a 16 under.

Tiger started Sunday by finishing up his third round with 3 bogeys.

The players had a 25 minute break then it was back to work for the final eighteen. A brief fog delay ran the televised time on ABC over to ESPN. Thank goodness for that or I would have passed out trying to get my Tour Pass to work. What a finish this one was with Tiger ultimately on top.

Three is the number tied for second, 3 shots back. Although two of these held or shared the lead most of the round,Tom Lehman and Luke Donald.

Musey's Shot of the Day: Well this choice went back and forth so many times. Birdies, an almost Ace, bogeys... plenty of cheers and groans were made by me today.

But the heartbreaking bogey on 18th for Tom Lehman almost had me in tears. Instead of having 2nd place finish all to himself, he has to share with Luke and Charles Howell III. So Tom's Bogey on the 18th gets the nod. And a boo-boo kiss if it would help.

I was really hoping Tom would make it all the way. Darn it.

Best Dressed: Peter Lonard's choice of snazzy blue and white colored-blocked shirt. Luke Donald gets a nod for honorable mention for wearing Pink and Black.

Final Scores and Show Me the Money

Off to the desert for the star-studded Bob Hope Chysler Classic whichs plays for 5 days starting on Wednesday.

I don't think there will be fog delays this coming week. Do you?


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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Tom & Tiger Tied for Top at Torrey Pines

at least for now. The Third round has been suspended due to darkness after being halted for a weather delay caused by that pesky Marine effect. FOG.

Third rounds to start bright and early so that the final round of the PGA TOUR Buick Invitational will be completed on Sunday.

Musey's Shot of the Day: Tiger Woods' save out of the bunker on the 11th. Picture Perfect. One of 4 birdies for this third round.

Best Dressed goes to: Who knows. I didn't get a chance to be impressed. When the weather delay was called they all put their jackets on. Most of the caddies had nice legs though. Oh heck I'll give Best Dressed to the Tournament Marshalls.

Ever notice how the golfers will be wearing sweater vests or jackets giving the TV viewers the idea that it is cold? But then the caddies are wearing leg baring shorts.

Dang Fog.


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Friday, January 21, 2005

June Gloom in January

June Gloom is an occurance of the fog rolling in off the ocean in June, not January. However, roll in it did to call a weather delay in the second round of the PGA TOUR Buick Invitational.

Second round to resume early Saturday morning. Gloom permiting.

Tom Lehman holds the top of the Leaderboard, with a 15 under par.

Several players were in contention for Best Dressed. Those being Shigeki Maruyama for his choice of crisp black shirt with white piping details on top of white slacks. I would really like to know where he gets his golf shirts. Anyone have any ideas?

The next player I noticed was Woody Austin, in Lehman's threesome, sporting a panaromic scenery looking shirt, but then I spied the winner.

One of Sarah's, a regular commenter here, favorite players Aaron Baddeley caught my eye. Oh. My. Yes. He did look good today. And the blonde he had his arm around thought so as well.

Best Dressed goes to Aaron wearing a white mock tee, with a light blue blocked detail across his chest, topping white slacks, held up with a white belt. Very well done. Wonder if the blond helped him get dressed, err, choose his attire?

Musey's Shot of the Day: Delayed by weather, probably permanently for this round.

Several I would like to see on the weekend will not be playing. Darn.

Thanks for the pictures that are coming in. Jay, writer of A Walk in the Park, sent me one featuring a GIANT... so if you have pics taken with other sports figures that is fine, too.

If you have your group pic from playing in a Pro Am, I would post that as well.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Tom Tops in Buick Invitational's First Round

Tom Lehman on top, with a 10 under,..., playing the easier North Course of Torrey Pines, home of The Buick Invitational.

David Duval took a walk while swinging his clubs on the much harder, really, everybody says so, South Course today. Hopefully he will play golf on the North Course tomorrow. I would like to see him playing this weekend. Looking mighty fine in this picture captured today.

Dick Mast
flew in from The SONY OPEN in Hawaii, arriving 20 minutes before his tee time, to shoot a 65 on Monday. Qualifying for his 2nd PGA TOUR start in 2005. Playing the North course today, sticking an EVEN on his first round, tied for 89th. Rest Well, South Course tomorrow.

John Daly
, 2004 winner of The Buick Invitational, was so incredibly close to an Ace on the South Course's 17th. Soooo very close. The par 3, 172 yard hole was assaulted by John's ball with a bam, a magnetic roll to the hole, and a spin around the pin,but it would not drop in. Darn it.

That is Musey's Shot of the Day. John finished with another birdie on the 18th, Even, tied for 89th

Best Dressed goes to Phil Mickelson, in a California tangerine shirt topping classic black pants. Very crisp. Very cool looking while posting an EVEN in this first round, tied for 89th.

Phil edged out Ian Poulter for the honors because of that orange belt holding up Ian's black trousers.

Actually I couldn't get the imagine out of my head of a woman starting to undo Ian's belt only to collapse in a fit of uncontrollable giggles. I even tried concentrating on the blocked designs on his clementine juicy shirt. Didn't work.

Was that TMI? Or did you learn something? Belts should match your shoes. Unless your shoes are Orange, or Blue, or... Good grief now I am back to Gator Colors.

Time for Chocolate, I believe. Oh and Ian managed a 1 under round despite his belt... tied for 64th and you thought I was going to say 89th didn't you?

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Picture Day: I'll show you mine. Will you show me yours?

A great opportunity for golf fans is attending the PGA TOUR PRO AM on Wednesday of most every tournament. Commonly known as "Picture Day". Sparse galleries. Autographs are fairly easily obtained. Pictures may be taken, as cameras are allowed.

After you have shared them with all your relatives, co-workers, neighbors, and you still can't believe the great pic you have taken of Tiger, Ernie, Vijay or any of the other card holders...

Don't you just want to show everyone that great picture YOU have taken of "insert your favorite golfer's name here".

If you don't have a place to showcase that photo(s)you do now.

Send me your "Picture Day" photo, you will hold the copyright to it as well as be acknowledged as the photographer. Unless you prefer to remain anonymous or you may use a nickname.

**Email me at: golfersmuse(AT)gmail(DOT)com for the details.

To get "Picture Day" started I will share from my album.

click for larger view

Vijay Singh, #1 Golfer in the World.

Also if you are a wife or girlfriend of a PGA TOUR Player and would like to send in a candid shot of your man that would be great as well.

**remove the (AT) use @ and remove (DOT) use .

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Golf Tip

(AOL ate Tuesday's Post, by the time I had finished it I was to tired to do it again. I will do that one another time.)

Rarely will you find me giving a Golf Tip. There are so many others more qualified than I to give advice. However, this one has worked for others so here you go...

Don't you just hate it when you add up all your strokes to find you have a bogey, double, triple, or not enough room to put all the little hash marks in that little space on the card?

Stop making them. Instead of keeping score by strokes made.

Keep score with your balls.

Start with a sleeve or two. Okay a box then. Do not use a range bucket full.

You play till you run out of balls. After a while you will find that you will get to where you have all your balls at the final hole.

What a success when you play a round and not lose your balls.

Imagine going home and the significant other asking, "Hon, how was your golf game today?"

And you answer. "Dear, I still have my balls. And I even managed to find some other guy's balls. Wanna see 'em?"

A guy at the club asks you your handicapp. You can reply. "My balls. I play eighteen with two, sometimes only one.

How many balls do you play with?

At this point you are ready to count your strokes again.

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Monday, January 17, 2005

Oh How Cute & Kisses to You

For those of you with babies or babies soon to arrive... toddlers even.

Now you can dress them up to a tee.

Almost makes me want to have another.
On second thought I will just keep practicing.

Blowing kisses to...
For Post Linkage:
The Sandtrap
MJ on Golf

Blogrolling Me:
A Walk in the Park
Hunny Hive

Sidebar Link
Grouchy Golf Blog
MJ on Golf

Special Kiss:
Clark, aka FourRight, from the AOL PGA TOUR Board, for telling me who was in the grouping with Tommy Armour III. Franco and Vaughn Taylor, who had to be the "Peaches and Cream" Man on Friday's Best Dressed Player.

Thanks, Everyone!!! For being so nice to the New Golf Blogger on the Net.

Keep those comments and emails coming. I am getting to them as quick as I can. I plan on posting the questions I have been getting along with the answers in an ABOUT MUSEY post real soon.

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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Vijay by a Birdie

Tied for the lead Vijay Singh made birdie on the final hole to win The Sony Open. This birdie was his first on the 18th for this tourney. When he needed one, he got one. Shooting a bogey free,5 under,65, bringing his tourney total to 11 under.

Ernie Els
fired a birdie, birdie, eagle on the last 3 holes to tie the lead, with a 10 under tourney total, in a breath taking attempt to three-peat The Sony. Eight birdies, two bogeys, one eagle,62, tying the course record.

Musey's Shot of the day goes to Ernie's Eagle on the 18th. Wow! That was soooo very good for me. Definately a big 0h Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

Best Dressed goes to Robert Gamez for his choice of pink on black. The little details on the shirt edged out Stewart Cink, who still gets a honorable mention for his hot pink on black attire.

Final Scores and Show Me the Money

Aloha Hawaii... California here they come.

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Shigeki Maruyama Recovers to Lead on 3rd Day

Shigeki started his third round with a double bogey. The lead zig zagged back and forth a time or two with Shigeki's final birdie on the 18th bringing him to a 2 under, 68, to lead the field into the final round in The Sony Open at Waialae Country Club in Honolulu, Hawaii.

THE shot of the day came on the 4th hole with Shigeki Maruyama's Ace, bringing his career total to four.

Musey's Shot of the Day, however, goes to Vijay Singh's sand trap "chip to the lip" groaner on the 16th. Vijay's only bogey in this round.

A set-up do-over to show us at home how it's done by Hank Haney awhile later found the cup. Kurplunk! A blink causing honorable mention to Hank.

Yeah, Yeah, I know I said show me the players give Hank is own show last week. Well, a Muse is allowed to change her mind from time to time. It's part of my charm don't you know.

Low rounds of 64 were fired by Charles Howell III and Larry Mize, who is playing on a sponsors exemption, ended his round tied for fourth, with Charles coming in tied for sixth.

Best Dressed for his snappy, Hawaiian sky-blue, shirt with those interestingly placed stripe details topping cool white slacks goes to the man with the smile Shigeki Maruyama.

A leaderboard packed with talent, within 5 shots of the lead, going into Sunday's final round will make this a real zinger to watch.

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Friday, January 14, 2005

Shopping Spree for Wie

Mall hopping... 2 days of Retail Therapy, joked Michelle Wie in her press conference following her cut missing round of 4 over on Friday. A heart-breaking triple bogey on the 6th hole pretty much ended the hope of many that she would play on the weekend this year. A brief rally with a birdie on the 10th, followed by bogeys on the 13th, 14th, and 15th. Michelle finished with a nice birdie on the 18th followed by a crowd pleasing smile.

I agree with Kraig Kann's article on her presence at the Sony Open. Some will and some won't. Got to love opinions.

Smiling Shigeki Maruyama fired an impressive 65 to top the Leaderboard with a 8 under par.

Another score of note belongs to Dick Mast,(note to self: stop giggling) who qualified on Monday, shooting a whopping 64 to make his claim to fame low round in the second of the Sony Open. Dick, I believe I will call you Richard if you keep making news.

Many shots today caused this Muse to moan and ahhhh, but the only one to cause my eyebrows to raise was~

Musey's Shot of the Day: Craig Stadler's putter producing a birdie out of the rough on the 1st hole. My... My ... been awhile since I have seen a happy bouncing ball such as his actually make it in the cup. Nice surprise for all.

Best Dressed goes to: ????, wearing a juicy peach golf shirt topping creamy colored pants. mmmMhhhmmm goodness, Peaches and Cream. ???? played in the threesome with tuxedo-classy clad Tommy Armour III. Only caught a glimpse but I knew he decked out just right.

Darn computer, I knew I should have printed out the first and second round groupings. Anyone have any idea who was in this group?

Vijay's Ebay auction has 5 days left. The list of tournament tickets the winning bidder will receive along with the SUV and used by Vijay clubs are now posted. Vijay and his wife, Ardena, donated $150,000 to the American Red Cross to go to the victims of those hurricanes in 2004.

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Girls just wanna have fun

Okay so she shot a 75, that dang wind was really blowing, you know.

Four players bunched at 4 under to top the leaderboard, with a whopping nine players one shot behind. A total of 29 players under par. Told you the wind was blowing.

It was nice to see Tom Kite playing in a PGA event. His choice of golf shirt gets him a honorable best dressed mention.

Musey's Shot of the Day... Dean Wilson's double bogey on the 3rd.

For someone who barely made it in the Sony Open he had a decent round going,4 birdies and a bogey. Well, until the 3rd, his 12th, as he started on the back nine. Dean had a 3 under until he had to pencil in that double bogey. He went on to bogey the 5th and managed a birdie on the 7th. Final 1 under,69,tied for 18th.

Best Dressed goes to Michelle Wie. She chose a turquoise hued golf shirt topping white pants. Turquoise, another of my favorites, looked great on her. Fantastic chandelier earrings as well.

I would love to see more men in turquoise, but no earrings please.

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Baby Girl Appleby Arrives

Congratulations to Mr.& Mrs. Stuart Appleby on the birth of their first child.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Making Boo-geys:

Dear Tiger by Kalani Simpson in the Honolulu Star Bullentin.

Didn't your mother ever tell you "you can lure in more tigers with honey (or a staked goat) than you can with a bowl of vinegar"...

Golf Carts Rode Hard and Put up Wet
as shared by the Dallas Morning News. Whatever the motive, police said, the spree was not proper golf etiquette. Especially when they tear up a green and leave 14 carts in the creek.

Boo-geys to the 5 young men who supposedly did this act of vandalism.

How do I know it was young men you may ask?

First the authorities investigating this seem to think so, but more importantly at 4 am most 20-something women would be able to find a battery-operated ride alot closer than the cart barn at the Dallas Country Club in Highland Park.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Honolulu Hula

First Full Field of Men... and Michelle Wie, for the 2005 PGA TOUR Season, The Sony Open.

Friday and Saturday Michelle will be teeing it up with Matt Davidson and Brett Wettrich.

Matt tied for 11th at 2004 PGA TOUR Qualifying Tournament. As a rookie this will be his first PGA Tour appearance.

Brett returns to the PGA TOUR having played in 2002. Last season was spent playing on the Nationwide Tour, ranking 10th on 2004 Nationwide Tour money list to earn his 2005 PGA TOUR card.

Brett played in The Sony Open in 2002, shooting a 73-68, 141, 1+ to miss the cut.

In 2004, Michelle Wie, pegged in at 72-68, 140, Even to miss the cut.

Both men are single. And I am sure they will be proper gentlemen as she is fifteen, six feet tall, carrying clubs, and has the potential to beat the pants off both of them.

Hopefully the two men will be ready for this. And you thought I was going to say "up for this" didn't you. Shame on you.

Smile, the eyes of the world will be on you for 2 days.

On another note:
Jay, of A Walk in the Park, asked what course the Sony Open called home?

Waialae Country Club, they have their own web site now. Even though it is still under construction, they are quite proud of it and should be. Be sure to check out the Course Tour, it opens in a separate window and click on each hole. Great pictures.

The history section is quite nice as well. A private course staffed with friendly and knowledgable people.

The Hawaii time clock has been corrected. Only four hours difference between there and here. Here as in Central Time Zone. Seems someone there couldn't tell time that night. :)

Also adding local weather thingie, hopefully tonight if computer cooperates. Clock and weather thingie will continue to be updated for each tournament.

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Monday, January 10, 2005

While your hand is in there...

U.S. Golf Tsunami Relief Fund begins with hopes to raise 2 million dollars in donations.

So if you have been putting off reaching in your pockets and digging deep.

Do it now. As a golfer. It will feel good and it's tax deductable.

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Blowing Out Candles

1-03-72... Charlie Wi
1-04-67... David Toms
1-05-69... Shaun Micheel
1-06-60... Paul Azinger
1-06-67... Craig Perks
1-08-67... Kent Jones
1-09-80... Sergio Garcia
1-09-60... David Peoples
1-10-76... Ian Poulter
1-12-66... Craig Parry
1-13-57... Mark O'Meara
1-14-69... David Berganio
1-15-67... Ted Tryba
1-16-62... Stan Utley
1-16-79... Jimmy Walker
1-17-67... Mike Heinen
1-25-64... Billy Andrade
1-26-58... Dave Rummels
1-27-64... Woody Austin
1-27-78... Jonathan Byrd
1-28-57... Nick Price

*** this entry is not complete, but after 3 days and several crashes, power failures, and computer just plain freezing up. I am posting this before I lose it all again. So I am not playing favorites to those I linked so far I just have a tired computer.

Party On

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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Papa-to-be Appleby Repeats in Mercedes

Stuart Appleby slides in with an one eagle, four birdie, boogie free, 6 under par to post a final score of - 21 . Topping the the leaderboard at the season opener 2004 Mercedes Championship.

Back to Back wins for him made history as this is first time that has happened since the winners only tournament has been held at Kapalua. PGA TOUR story calls Stuart,"King of Kapulua".

Well done, Mate!!

With a rain delay that pushed the tee times back to their regular spots. We got to watch this final round in real time. And what a ride it was with more ups and downs than the Texas Giant Roller Coaster at Six Flags.

Vijay Singh
tripled boogied the 13th to spur is his spiral out of the lead.

Ernie Els
chance fell through as his tee shot off the 18th took the scenic route by way of the cart path. He finished third along with Tiger Woods.

Jonathan Kaye took my breath away with his eagle on the 9th.

Enough so to be Musey's Shot of the Day.

Wouldn't that have been something if Jonathan could have held on to the lead? Although finishing second is pretty awesome as well.

Best Dressed goes to Adam Scott sporting a light pink shirt that I barely glimpsed as the ESPN's cameras spent little time on capturing this man's boogie free, 65, the lowest in this final round.

Shame on ESPN. I really learned something watching Haney. Not! Keep the cameras on the players please that's who I want to watch. Give Haney is own show.

Final Scores and Show Me the Money

Happy 25th Birthday, Sergio Garcia

Off we go to Honolulu to the Full Field - Sony Open.

And before you ask, I do think Michelle Wie will make the cut.

Michelle's goal is to be in the top 20. You go girl.

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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Singh Tops Leaderboard for 3 Rounds

Vijay Singh continues to dominate the 2004 PGA TOUR Mercedes Championship, with Ernie Els and Jonathan Kaye making their moves to up the leaderboard to be in the final threesome on Sunday.

You ever have a computer melt down? Well it did and I will redo this post later. Or not. Old news now.

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Surf 's Up and so are Sunday's Tee Times

Instead of twiddling my fingers while waiting for the men to tee it up at the PGA TOUR Mercedes Championship I have been doing a little geography and weather research.

The weather forecast for Sunday afternoon is a 70 percent chance of rain and a wind shift to boot. With that heading their way the tee times for Sunday have been moved to early morning with threesomes starting at both the 1st and 10th tees. Messes up the LIVE ESPN's televised times. There is no way I can't look at the leaderboard to see what going on.

A nice map of Maui provides the means to determine which of the geographical depiction zones to choose to get the weather forecast. Wow! Six different weather zones on a 728.6 square mile island. To put that in perpective the smallest in land mass in the USA is Rhode Island with 1,045 square miles.

It never hurts to expand one's knowledge of the world around them. I could have spent the day shoe shopping or something.

Thankfully it is almost time to watch the 3rd round.

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Friday, January 07, 2005

Putter Problems Plaque PGA Pro Tiger Woods

Tiger's putting is almost there. So close, so very close. Almost close enough in today's second round of the PGA Tour 2004 Mercedes Championship to shoot an elusive 59 according to stats on TGC's Golf Central.

And close enough to earn Tiger Musey's Hot Shot(s)of the Day.

Any player that can make me moan and groan that many times in one round deserves it.

Vijay Singh leads with a 15 under.

Not only leading on the golf course he is first up to the auction block. The Ebay Auction Block. Vijay teamed up with UNICEF with an Auction to benefit the children of Southeast Asia. Asian Tsunami Relief Fund Auction starts on Monday with a minimum bid of $25,000. Winning bid to be matched by the PGA Tour. Find the complete details here.

The European Tour Launches International Relief Golf Fund for Tsunami Disaster
as well.

Best Dressed today, Mike Weir, quite dashing in a creamiscle shirt with matching trim on his golfcap, as he fired an impressive 63. Honorable mention goes to all those wearing pale yellow. With collars.

What does everyone think of the collarless shirts?

I liked the one Stewart Cink wore today because it was colorful. I'm still pondering Tiger's white noncollared golfshirt choice he wore on Thursday. It reminded me of a standard men's white undershirt, the type that men wear to bed, with a Nike Logo.

But being Tiger he can make anything look great. Just made it a little difficult for me to watch his shots.

Tee Times for Saturday...

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Craig Parry: Musey's Hot Shot of the Day

Vijay Singh, Player of the Year in 2004, opened with a 7-under par to lead the pack of thirty-one PGA Tour Champions of 2004.

Craig Parry came in one stoke behind for a 6-under on his scorecard, after being on the top of the leaderboard most of the round.

His one bogey came on the tenth hardest hole, the 12th, where his second shot landed in the primary rough according to TourCast.

Excuse me? Primary rough. Alrighty then... On live ESPN it looked like a cornfield full of rogues that needed hoeing.

Parry stood in the bunker his feet placed unevenly on the Hawaiian sand. His ball nestled on the edge of the bunker, almost even with his shoulder,in this sugarcane-looking knee high grass. With an almost baseball like swing he whacked that dimpled orb right out of that thick bladed rough.

I wanted to close my eyes. I was sure that the ball was going to land right in the middle of that messsy rough.

Heck he could barely see over the variety of grasses to see where it came to rest seventy-three yards on the left fairway. And he didn't even lose his footing!

While I almost tripped over the footstool so I could see where it landed. Sometimes I think my chair needs a seatbelt.

That is Musey's Hot Shot of the Day.

Best Dressed goes to Sergio Garcia... yummy sherbert orange shirt and matching cap. Hot, very Hot!!!

*I had technical difficulties that no amount of sweet talking corrected last night so I finagled the time of posting to keep my posts in timely order. So you are not losing your mind if you were here earlier and I hadn't posted yet. :) Musey*

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Aggie tees up first in Mercedes

Ryan Palmer, a Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area resident, tees up alone at 10:50 HST. It is Ryan's first appearance in the PGA Tour Mercedes Championship having won the FUNAI Classic in his 2004 rookie year.

I wonder if it feels like Christmas Eve? Fighting the excitement, falling asleep just before dawn only to wake up 5 minutes later. Good thing tee times don't start at 8 am.

A mighty fine rear, err, final pairing's tee time belongs to Ernie Els and 2004 Winner, Stuart Appleby teeing up at 1:20 HST. The rest of the field tee times are here.

Since I am tired of asking "What time is it there now?" and I hate counting backwards every 2 minutes, I mean, hours I am adding a Hawaii (HST) "local time" display clock under the Tee Time section.

Dang it! It is worse than Christmas Eve.

Something to keep you up... or help you nod off, Pros' New Year's Resolutions.

Another mention for the power of pastels. Brent Geiberger was wearing a yummy lavender golf shirt on Tuesday's edition of TGC's Golf Central. I have no idea what he was saying but he sure looked edible, err, incredible.

Guys, I'm telling you to buy pink, lavender, light blue, pastels.

Think Cotton Candy.

You ever see a chick eat cotton candy?

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Justin Leonard signs with Nike

Justin Leonard,a 10-year veteran of the PGA Tour,has joined the Nike Golf Tour Staff.

Leonard has entered an exclusive multi-year relationship with Nike Golf that includes clubs, ball, glove, bag, footwear, apparel, headwear, and accessories.

Does Nike do boxers or briefs?


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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

"the Aussie guy on TV"

Ian Baker-Finch may be headed to a PGA Tournament near you.

Or me!! Oh, I can only hope. Full interview in the January Golf Digest

My toenail polish color matches the hot pink of his shirt in this picture.

I adore a man that wears pink. Men look great in all shades of pink.

Even the sensational pink pants Jesper Pavnevik wore when he won the GTE Bryon Nelson, 3-way playoff,in 2000.

Guys, it makes a woman want to eat you up. mmhhmmm yummy!!!

Any single golfers out there wearing pink?

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Monday, January 03, 2005

Leis and Umbrellas

Over 3 inches of rain, since Saturday afternoon, have fallen on The Plantation Course with more expected later this week.

Oh Goodie. Just what I have waited for all these years, err, months, OK... weeks.

Golfing in the rain. Let it rain when the Tour is in Oregon. I want blue sky, blue sea, white beaches, and whales.

I only watch for the scenery. The Two-Legged variety. Can't see a darn thing when they are wearing rain gear.

Isolated showers
all week, except for tomorrow.

Stewart Cink summed it up "The wind and rain, you see it all there. The wind plays a huge factor. ... It can be an easy course if there is light wind and certainly hard if there is tougher wind."
in a Maui News interview.

Kapalua Resort Home Page
Nice Visuals in Flash and catchy little tune... "There is a place between Heaven and Earth"...

Makes me want my toenails painted pink and a drink with an turquoise umbrella sticking out of a pineapple shell. "Oh Cabana boy?"

Want more?---> mash on link below


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"Who doesn't like orange and blue?"

asked Chris DiMarco, after stopping his Gator Orange decked out golf cart while wearing a Gator Blue shirt, followed by "They're sweet." on the ABC special that aired this afternoon, a 2005 PGA Tour Preview.

Well, Chris, I for one adore blue and as far as orange goes. It's a perfect color for a popsicle.

Seems the Tour Pros agree that Chris is the most avid college football fan. Chris also talked alot about his desire to win in 2005 and the change he has made in his putting grip.

It sounded to me that his head is in the right place as well.

Your stroke can handle it. Go get 'em, Chris.

"Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course, the space between your ears." - Bobby Jones

Article to read while we wait for Thursday, Tales from the Tour. My favorite was what Kevin Sutherland's wife, Mary, had to say.

I wonder if there is a class for the wives on dealing with the media or if she is just a natural.

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Saturday, January 01, 2005

"Fairways are overrated,"

quipped David Duval is response to his partner, Kevin Erickson's, statement "At least one of us is in the fairway."

I almost snorted onion dip out my nose I was so surprised by his answer.

I moaned and rolled my eyes as David's first tee shot landed in the rough, actually in the trees. Kevin's shot was a nice lie, right where it belonged for a tour pro. Only Kevin's main tour is the Special Olympics.

It was great seeing David, his father, Bob, and these 2 young men for an hour today on CBS during a special feature,"A Tee Time Like No Other: A Story of Family, Skill, Friendship and Courage."

A good time was had by all.

Hopefully I will be seeing a lot more of David this year. I have missed him.

And if he's miked I won't be eating or drinking anything.


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I am the new kid on the net. Actually a chick, err, woman with a sense of humor who adores golf and the men who play the game.

This golfblog will be written from my point of view. A little sassy, a little sexy, a little odd, and hopefully lots of fun for those that choose to spend their time reading this.

I have linked other golfblogs I have stumbled upon, most are more serious than what you will find here.

So if you are looking for tips, techniques, equipment ratings, secrets of longer drives, and straighter putts you should probably check them out.

About all I can do for you is kiss your balls.

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